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Torque Bending Pliers

Product Details:


  - Use advanced imported materials to ensure the quality of our pliers

  - High temperature and high pressure sterilization

  - High quality hinges for flexibility and integrity

  - Full range of orthodontic forceps: 20 optional.

  - Higher comfort, higher quality handle design


1. It should be used within the specified time, otherwise the pliers may be damaged.

2. It is recommended to use autoclaving instead of low temperature sterilization so that the tweezers will not become dull.

3. Wash immediately after use, otherwise the pliers will fade or be oxidized. Clean and clean pliers last a long time.

4. Pliers are highly resistant to corrosion, but if they are not cleaned, they turn yellow and look rusty. Anti-rust oil should be used to store the pliers.

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