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Light Wire Pliers with Cutter

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These lightweight wire cutters provide an excellent complement to your orthodontic instruments, made from the finest materials, so you get the precision and care you need. Whether you're working in a professional dental facility or an educational facility, you'll find that this orthodontic device will help you get the job done right. The high-quality stainless steel construction means that the equipment is durable and ergonomically designed to ensure easy and comfortable grip.

Pliers routing maintenance

How to use: All pliers should be used within the specified time, especially orthodontic pliers, otherwise the pliers may be damaged.

Sterilization: It is recommended to use autoclaving instead of low temperature sterilization so that the pliers may not become dull.

Gap: The pliers should be cleaned immediately after use, otherwise they will change color or be oxidized. Clean and clean pliers last a long time

Corrosion: Pliers are highly resistant to corrosion, but if not cleaned, they turn yellow and look like rusty anti-rust oil

It should be used to store pliers.

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