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Heavy Wire Cutter

Product Details:


Heavy Wire Cutter uses a sophisticated and typical polishing technique to give it a smooth surface, especially pure stainless steel, high strength and corrosion resistance. The surface of the pliers is not easily contaminated and corroded, and there are no peeling sheets. The shape design makes the hand feel comfortable, flexible and convenient. Its cutting edge is made of high-quality hard alloy (special fastness after special welding technology), sharp and hard. The joints are tight and the joints of the pliers are attached to the new hinge shaft and are made of a wear-resistant and wear-resistant material to ensure a tight joint and no looseness for long-term use.

The imported advanced nano-alloy technology solves the problem of decolorization and shedding of the alloy. The body of the pliers is made of stainless steel. Fine grinding and polishing make the pliers corrosion resistant and always look new. Its ergonomic design and curved edges create a more comfortable grip for the doctor, providing the highest level of safety for the patient, ensuring the quality and performance of the pliers.

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