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Bracket Removing Pliers

Product Details:


100% new high quality

Cap for easier removal of the convertible buccal tube

Smooth surface corrosion resistance - specially selected pure stainless steel, high strength and corrosion resistance. Precise and typical polishing techniques make the smooth surface of the pliers less susceptible to contamination and erosion. There are no peeling flakes and no unbearable characteristics.

Provides the ideal form factor and flexibility - weight and ideal shape design for a comfortable fit and convenience and flexibility.

Rugged cutting edge - high-quality carbide embedded in the cutting edge (fastness guaranteed by special welding technology). Therefore the cutting edge is sharp and hard.

After long-term use, the joints are tight and there is no looseness. - The pliers joints are connected by a new type of hinged shaft, made of wear-resistant and wear-resistant materials, ensuring tight joints and long-term use without loosening.

Provide reliable quality assurance and maintenance

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