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Adhesive Removing Pliers

Product Details:


This specially designed pliers allows access to all areas of the mouth to quickly remove the adhesive after the carrier has been debonded. Simply place the pad on the occlusal surface of the tooth and then remove the tip of the cemented carbide on the excess adhesive to remove it. The replaceable double-sided carbide tip has an extremely long service life.

After the stent is removed, the cement glass ionomer or composite is removed from the tooth surface using an adhesive removal pliers.

One working end of the Teflon is joined to the occlusal surface of the tooth, and the other is used to scrape the buccal surface of the tooth.


All tools are stainless steel and hard chrome-plated to withstand all acceptable sterilization methods.

All tools are equipped with tool steel blades and diamond edging cutting edges

The pliers are bright stainless steel with a contoured "lip-safe" edge and precision serrations.

All Invecta instruments have balanced assembly

Care and maintenance advice

To ensure the life of your instrument, follow the correct sterilization schedule. All Invecta instruments can be sterilized by appropriate dry heat, autoclave or chemical autoclave methods. For your convenience, we provide warranty on setup and sharpening in the first year after purchase.

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