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Medical Material Headway First Molar Bondable Convertible Buccal Tube

Material: 17-4stainless steel Place of orgin: Hangzhou, China Delivery Time:5 Days After Received The Payment Production Capacity:110000sets/month Item/Model no:H202/H204/H206 Ordered by set: 4pcs/set
Product Details:


This product is a new direct-bonding buccal ifit designed to enhance patient comfort while maintaining functionality.

The low tube has a near horizontal hook at the proximal center edge of the body and does not extend beyond the facial surface. The funnel-shaped inlet also facilitates the insertion of wires. According to the company, ifit's bond strength is 36% higher than previous models due to the dual mechanical retaining pad coated with a slightly worn 80 gauge grid on the etched foil substrate.


◆Funnel type wire inlet mode for easy insertion of wires

◆The distal notch is easy to hold with tweezers

◆Low-key design and ball hooks to reduce occlusion interference and improve patient comfort

◆Contour base design, perfect for teeth



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