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Headway Oral Care Aesthetic Ceramic Bracket Orthodontic

Model No.:H133/H134/135 System:ROTH/MBT/EDGEWISE Slot:0.022/0.018 Hook: 345With Hook Place of origin: Hangzhou, China HS: 9021100000 Ordered by set: 5-5
Product Details:

What is a transparent ceramic bracket?

They are brackets made of ceramic instead of metal. Ceramics are used to produce brackets. The ceramic braces can be transparent, transparent or even colored to match the shadows of the patient's teeth. This way they can blend more evenly.

They are essentially equivalent to metal stents in their treatment. The brackets are bonded to the teeth and then joined by arched lines to apply pressure to the teeth; guiding them towards the final alignment. As with traditional metal brackets, wire and tooth adjustments occur approximately every 4-6 weeks.

Here are some of the advantages of ceramic holders:

Ceramics have a smooth feel and texture.

The ceramic bracket is sturdy and made of high-quality composite material with almost no breaks or debris.

They blend perfectly with teeth and gums compared to traditional metal stents.

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