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Aesthetic Ceramic Bracket

Aesthetic Ceramic Bracket
Model No.:H133/H134/135
Hook: 345WH
Place of origin: Hangzhou, China
HS: 9021100000
Ordered by set: 5-5
Product Details:


Ceramic brackets are the ideal combination of quality,aesthetics and performance.These brackets are made of medical grade polyurethane.Innovative precision design assures a perfect mechanical bonding,bur also allows easy debonding.Performance,appearance and savings are built in to the bracket,just like torque and angulations.Synthesis brackets are strong and flexible enough to withstand torquing.


Small and comfortable design, rounded corners

Translucent or "transparent" material that blends with the color of the teeth, making them almost imperceptible

A unique system that can be easily applied and removed, and your discomfort is minimal

The company's technology and innovation are good, the brand is trustworthy



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