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Niti Archwire for Rectangular

Niti Archwire for Rectangular
Material: Nickel Titanium
Type: Orthodontic Archwire
Place of orgin: China
Certificate: CE/ISO9001/13485/FDA
Item no: H402
Package: 10pcs/pk
Rectangular SIZE :
Product Details:


Super-elastic nickel titanium archwires allow for eash enagaement and delivery of light ,continuous forces that effectively move teeth and keep patient discomfort to aminimum.


1. Extra smooth surface for reduced friction

2. Make the patient more comfortable.

3. As an ideal orthodontic material,

4. niti arch wire provides higher elasticity and lower rigidity,

5. Excellent treatment effect

6. Gental and consistent resilience for a shorter treatment period.

Rectangular size

0.014X0.025              0.016X0.016

0.016X0.022              0.017X0.022

0.017X0.025              0.018X0.022

0.018X0.025              0.019X0.025



A super-elastic nickel-titanium arch wire allows the eyeball to shrink and deliver light. Continuous strength, effectively moving teethand to keep patients uncomfortable

2. Thermally activated nickel-titanium archwire has a combination of elasticity and light strength, easy to use

3. Stainless steel arch wire transmits light force over a larger distance and working range

4. Polishing and polishing to achieve the best machinery

5. Predictable, slightly continuous force

6. High spring rear can withstand deformation


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