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Headway Orthodontic Bite Turbo Oral Care Lingual Side

Bite turbo This bite turbo could help patients to open bite. and it is used on lingual side.The tunnel on bite turbo is for traction.
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Bite Turbos are placed on patients with upper and lower teeth that overlap too far in the vertical direction, which we call deep occlusion. The occlusal turbocharger separates your upper and lower teeth slightly, allowing a permanent occlusion correction of the posterior teeth.

The bite turbine is a small acrylic pad, raised or beveled that adheres to the lingual side of the upper front teeth or the chewing surface of any rear teeth. In our office, they can be natural, red or blue, or made of metal. The bite turbine temporarily bonds together to open your bite. Because they can separate your teeth (open your teeth), they can move your teeth without touching other teeth. Wearing a bite turbocharger can reduce the time required to fix certain problems, so the name is "turbocharged"!

It is orthodontic Bite Turbo,we have this products,it is used on lingual side ,bonding on teeth .It could be used for opening teeth bite. the tunnel on bite turbo is for traction when doctor is doing orthodontic treatment .

Why do I have to bite the turbine?

They are temporary supplements to your treatment for two reasons:

Biting the turbine creates a specific pressure on the teeth to help move. Typically, this can be used to help patients with deep occlusion, but can be used in other situations.

Biting the bite turbine prevents snapping onto the stent and reduces damage and/or damage to the opposing teeth.

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