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Tiger Teeth Are Cute, Orthodontic Is Better Than Pulling Out
Jul 28, 2018


Tiger teeth are two canines that grow alongside the maxillary incisors. They are also called canine teeth. They are the longest and the thickest single teeth in all teeth. They have the function of piercing and shredding physical objects. In addition, the resistance of tiger teeth is very strong, so it is not easy to be damaged. It also plays a role in supporting the mouth and maintaining the shape. After the old, it is often necessary to use the tiger teeth to fix the dentures, so it cannot be easily lost.


For a variety of reasons, most tiger teeth are not properly aligned with other teeth, but rather grow along the corners of the mouth, causing tooth crowding or lordosis, affecting the health of the teeth and gums. If the presence of tiger teeth does not impede the health of other teeth and does not affect the appearance, it does not need to be removed. When treatment is necessary, doctors generally do not choose to remove, but use orthodontic methods.

Although the orthodontic treatment method is more troublesome, it can better preserve the oral function. If the tooth behind the tiger tooth is removed, or it is ground small, then the tiger tooth is pushed or pulled to the normal position, which is more effective than the removal of the tiger tooth. it is good. For children, the jaw continues to develop during the growth phase, and the tiger's teeth may return to the correct position during the self-adjustment of the dentition.