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There Are So Many Correction Brackets, Which One Do You Want?
Jul 30, 2018

The bracket, the name of the appliance, is the most important material in the orthodontic process. It is commonly known as a dental cover. Anyone who cares about orthodontics can understand it. I will not explain it.

There are many types of brackets, and the brand is also varied. Every time, friends ask me what I choose. It is more suitable. After all, the price is different, and the doctor said that the effect is different. How do I choose?

The main features include: comfort, beauty, speed of tooth movement, volume, and interval of re-diagnosis.

First, ordinary metal bracket



1. The most classic, traditional brackets can almost achieve any form of tooth movement, to meet the basic needs of correction!

2. Affordable


1. The bracket contains 2-4 wings for ligation of the archwire, which is relatively easy to get a mouth ulcer, and the comfort and beauty are relatively general.

2. Because of structural reasons, it is easy to hook up the physical objects. It is more difficult to clean, especially for children who do not follow the doctor's advice. Parents must supervise them.


Comfort ++

Beautiful ++

Tooth movement speed +++

Occupied volume +++

The consultation interval is usually 1 month.

Second, ceramic bracket / ice crystal bracket


There is no difference between the two brackets and the ordinary metal bracket structure, except that the color and the color of the teeth are similar. The middle arch wire can also be replaced with white, so it is more beautiful, and some people call it a semi-invisible bracket. ". However, due to the material, it is relatively fragile and easily collapses a ligation wing. I personally don't like ceramic brackets, which are expensive, thick and large, and are not easy to ligature. However, this is a doctor's point of view. There are still many people using it.


1. High level of aesthetics, but not completely invisible

2. Polishing is better than ordinary metal, more comfortable


1. Because the ceramic material is used to ensure the strength, the bracket volume is generally larger.

2. The friction of the arch wire in the groove, the friction between the metal and the ceramic is large, and the tooth movement speed may be slow.


Comfort +++

Beautiful ++++

Tooth movement speed ++

Occupied volume ++++

The consultation interval is usually 1 month.

3. Metal self-locking bracket


Self-locking correction technology: Compared with traditional orthodontic technology, the self-locking bracket has one more locking device than the traditional bracket. In layman's terms, it is like adding a door to the bracket to directly lock the orthodontic wire in the bracket. In the groove, the binding of the ligature wire or rubber band to the orthodontic wire is eliminated, the frictional resistance between the wire and the bracket is greatly reduced, the force on the tooth is also reduced, and the tooth movement speed is also accelerated, and the entire treatment time is Will be effectively shortened.

In layman's terms, the common bracket is a paw that grabs the archwire, but the paw also extends to the mouth.

The self-locking bracket is a box in which the archwire is inserted. The box is exposed to the mouth and is certainly much more comfortable.

The claws are tightly grasped, the arches become large, the strength is strong, and the teeth are painful.

The box arch wire can be gently deformed inside, the power is light and continuous, the tooth pain is light and the movement speed is fast.

The biological principle of orthodontics is: continuous light force, so the greater the strength, the better.


1. Shorten the treatment time, funny, reduce the friction between the archwire and the bracket, which is conducive to correcting the movement of the teeth, shortening the course of treatment and completing orthodontic treatment in advance;

2. The interval for re-diagnosis using self-locking brackets can be extended to 6-8 weeks

3. Critical cases are exempted from tooth extraction. Because the friction of the self-locking bracket is extremely low, the movement of the teeth is easier. Therefore, some patients who have needed tooth extraction treatment can now be treated without tooth extraction;

4. Comfortable, the tooth movement is achieved under the gentle light level, the patient is not easy to feel pain and discomfort, no need to ligature, and the damage of the soft tissue at the end of the ligation wire is avoided.

5. Hygiene, no attachments such as ligation, is more conducive to oral cleaning, and is conducive to the protection of periodontal tissue health.


Late torque control and tilt angle control are general, of course, for experienced doctors, this is nothing.


Comfort ++++

Beautiful +++

Tooth movement speed ++++

Occupied volume +++

The consultation interval is generally 1.5-2 months

Lingual bracket


The lingual bracket, as the name implies, is to place the bracket on the lingual side. Because the lingual structure is complicated, it is generally required to customize the bracket.

Advantages: beautiful, personalized, indirect bonding

Disadvantages: The price is high, there is feedback that occasionally scraping the tongue, it is more painful, but the doctor who makes the lingual correction has denied it. I don't know if it is really not scratching.


Comfort ++

Beautiful +++++

Tooth movement speed +++

Occupied volume +++

The interval between visits is usually 1-1.5 months.

Sixth, no bracket invisible correction technology


This is more beautiful, because there is no bracket, it is a transparent material, and the teeth are replaced by the replacement of the number of appliances.

At present, it is represented by the implied beauty. Of course, there are also angels of the age in China. Relatively speaking, the qualifications of the voices are relatively high. Not all doctors can do it, but with the development of big data and materials, the indications are constantly being broadened. Some doctors may not do dental extraction cases, but some doctors have done a good job.


1. Beautiful, comfortable, suitable for sneaking your teeth

2. There are advantages in solving the problem of opening and closing and pushing the teeth backwards.

3. Oral hygiene is easy to protect


1. Indications need to be broadened, mainly depends on the doctor's ability, the doctor needs a strong overall view, do not just look for a doctor to do

2. The price is slightly more expensive

3. Higher requirements for patient cooperation


Comfort ++++

Beautiful +++++

Tooth movement speed ++++

Occupied volume ++

The consultation interval is generally 2 months or even half a year.

First, understand: under what circumstances the teeth are recommended to be corrected

A friend whose symptoms are not obvious will inevitably hesitate: correcting the teeth is expensive and troublesome. Is it necessary to do this?

However, any corrections such as tooth skew, tooth decay, ground cover, deep cover, and deep coverage are recommended. Have you seen in the picture below?


PS: The premise of correcting teeth is that there must be a good oral environment. If there is oral disease, it is recommended to cure it first.

The above situation suggests that you correct your teeth. It is really not just an aesthetic point of view. Let's take a closer look.

Second, the teeth are skewed and the four influences are left unchecked.

There are 4 adverse effects below, no matter which one we can't eat:

1. The teeth are not good-looking, the psychology is easy to be sensitive; and some cases do affect the face shape, such as the fangs will cause the side to resemble a small bird's beak; the side of the sky will be like a crescent moon face.

2. It will affect the normal occlusion and chewing function of the teeth, causing mandibular joint disorders, gastrointestinal dysfunction and so on.

3. It is easier to breed oral bacteria than normal teeth, and it is not easy to clean, and it is easy to cause oral diseases such as gums and periodontal inflammation.

4. Some situations will affect the pronunciation, resulting in unclear speech

Therefore, if there are conditions, the city will do as much as possible, which are long-term benefits.