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Self Ligating Bracket
Sep 11, 2018

The self-locking orthodontic bracket is a device made of metal or ceramic materials, which is fixed on the surface of teeth with a special adhesive in the orthodontic treatment. It is used to contain and fix orthodontic steel wire and transfer the orthodontic force to the teeth, so as to achieve the purpose of orthodontic.

Self-locking bracket rectification technology is a new technology in recent years, which brings a revolutionary change to fixed orthodontic technology. Make orthodontics more convenient. Its main advantage is that it can greatly reduce the friction resistance between steel wire and bracket. As it adds a door to the bracket, it can directly lock the orthodontic steel wire in the groove of the bracket, free of the binding of the ligation steel wire or rubber ring to the orthodontic steel wire.


The traditional orthodontic brackets require a thin wire or rubber band to be held together with the corrective wire, which is the norm, and it is these ligatures or elastic bands that can delay the healing process. Because orthodontic treatment needs to overcome the friction resistance between the steel wire and the bracket. The greater the friction force, the greater the corrective force, the slower the moving speed, and the longer the orthodontic treatment will take.

Compared to the traditional orthodontic technique, self-locking braces than traditional braces a locking device, more popular is like with a door in the braces, you can directly to the orthodontic wire locking slots in braces, exempt from the wire or rubber band ligation of the orthodontic wire bundle, greatly reduced the frictional resistance between the wire and braces, by the power of the teeth can also be reduced, the tooth movement speed will be accelerated, the whole can effectively shorten the treatment time.


Advantages of self - locking orthodontic brackets


1: there are various self-locking brackets produced by different companies at present. Some self-locking brackets (such as 3M self-locking brackets in 3M braces) can shorten the course of treatment for more than half a year.


2. Extend the time interval of the return visit. The traditional fixed orthodontic return visit interval is about 4 weeks, which means that the patient needs to go to the hospital for adjustment once a month. The interval of return diagnosis using self-locking bracket therapy can be extended to 6 ~ 8 weeks, that is to say, patients can be adjusted to the hospital every 2 months or so.

3: tooth extraction free. Since the friction of self-locking bracket is extremely low and the tooth movement is easier, some patients who used to need tooth extraction treatment can now avoid tooth extraction treatment.


4:Comfortable and soft corrective force greatly alleviates the pain in the process of correction;


5.:Efficient, reduce the friction between arch wire and bracket, facilitate the movement of orthodontic teeth, shorten the course of treatment and complete the orthodontic treatment in advance;

6:Comfortable, the tooth movement can be realized under the soft and light level. The patient is not likely to feel pain and discomfort, and no ligation is required to avoid damage to soft tissue by the end of ligation wire.


7: hygienic, no ligation and other attachments, more conducive to oral cleaning, protection of periodontal tissue health, more stable correction effect.