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Orthodontic Products Introduction
Aug 06, 2018

First, what are the orthodontic products?

Orthodontic products: brackets, archwires and springs, buccal tubes, orthodontic bands, elastic products, orthodontic tools, orthodontic accessories, etc.

Second, the function of orthodontic products

1. Professional doctors apply various types of orthodontic appliances to teeth through orthodontic products.

2. Move the missing teeth to the correct position

3. To achieve the purpose of aligning teeth


Third, the bracket

1. The composition of the bracket

The bracket slot has a horizontal opening on the cheek and cheeks, which facilitates the smooth insertion of the archwire from the lip cheek surface.

The bracket wing is convenient for ligating the fixed archwire, and the wing can be attached with a hook for traction, and can be divided into a single wing, a double wing and a three wing according to the shape of the bracket wing.

The shape of the bracket base is mainly to strengthen the adhesion to the tooth surface, and the shape of the base surface of the bracket is suitable for the shape of the lip and cheek of each tooth. a metal mesh or etched bottom plate, through which the bracket is firmly bonded to the tooth surface

Note: Due to the different treatment concepts and treatment methods, traction hooks are sometimes designed on the brackets 3, 4, and 5 teeth.

2. Sort by material

Metal bracket: stainless steel bracket

Ceramic bracket: the color is similar to enamel; the material is very hard, mechanically bonded and chemically bonded to the teeth; metal can be added to the groove to reduce the friction between the groove and the company, such as

Composite bracket

3. Classification by treatment technique

Square wire bow correction technology bracket: no torque angle and shaft inclination need to bend the arch wire

Straight wire bow correction technology bracket: It has been used by more than 80% of orthodontists in developed countries so far. It is only necessary to put a flat arch wire with a basic bow shape with torque angle and shaft inclination.


Lingual correction technique bracket

No bracket invisible correction technique

4. Straight wire bow correction technology bracket

ROTH system: simple and practical, the most widely used straight wire bow in the world

MBT system:


5. How to distinguish between Roth and MBT?

Upper teeth 3 teeth torque degrees are different

Lower teeth 4, 5 tooth position torque is different (as shown below)


6. Classified by processing technology

Wire cutting (SP) EDM processing methods are divided into: wire cutting integrated (integral), wire cutting two body (separate)

Powder metallurgy (MIM): using metal powder as raw material, after forming and sintering, it is divided into: powder metallurgy (integral), powder metallurgy (separate)

Metal casting

Difference between the overall bracket and the split bracket


7.DFI tooth position identification system

The teeth are divided into four sections according to position: UR, UL, LR.LL, of which 1-5 are placed brackets, and 6-7 are placed with adhesive buccal tubes and pre-welded with bands


8. Specifications of bracket groove

0.018"*0.025" bracket

0.022"*0.028" bracket (common)

The wider the groove: more archwire selection, reducing the orthodontic force; especially in the initial stage of correction, the initial archwire has a greater degree of freedom; helps to maintain weak force; is conducive to sliding off the gap.

Fourth, buccal tube


1. Buccal tube: The buccal tube is a metal tube welded to the side of the dental orthodontic band;

         The end of the correcting archwire can be inserted and fixed;

         The buccal tube is designed with a small hook, which can be used to perform internal or intermaxillary traction with a rubber band;

         For the fixation of 6, 7 teeth

Classification of buccal tubes: According to the production process, it is divided into Nepto line cutting series and Pluto powder metallurgy series; there are two types of bonding type and welding type; according to the number of metal tubes, it is divided into single tube, double tube and three tubes; The cover is divided into a convertible and a non-convertible.

2. Advantages of the buccal tube: Made of high-quality bio-stainless steel; the buccal hook design is reasonable, does not stab the soft tissue of the mouth; avoids the formation of gaps between the teeth after the ring, embedding food, reducing the pain of patients; Nepto series buccal tube Cash wire cutting process is made with high precision; Pluto series buccal tube is made by cash wire cutting process, with smooth contour and low height. The patient does not feel uncomfortable during treatment.

3. With a ring

The function of the belt ring: the metal collar adhered to the molar; the auxiliary buccal tube is used; the welding force is transmitted by welding the buccal tube on the belt loop, and the buccal tube is equivalent to the bracket of the front tooth joint; The side is welded with round or flat or square thin tubes. The correcting arch wire can pass through the inside and also support the arch wire, so that the force is transmitted to the molars and the movement of the molars is controlled.

Five, orthodontic arch wire

1. Sort by material

Nickel-titanium (NITI), super-elastic (SE), thermal activation (SM), stainless steel (SS)

Classified by cross section: round wire, square wire

Classified by bow type: square, oval, natural, pointed round.