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Orthodontic History And Dental Care During Orthodontics
Jul 26, 2018

Since the subject of this article is "The Mental Process and Dental Care during Orthodontics," let me talk about my orthodontic experience. I have had two orthodontics. The first time I was in high school. The reason for this was that the upper row of teeth had a particularly crooked tooth, which was almost reversed by nearly 90 degrees from a normal angle. I feel very uncomfortable, and my mom took me to the hospital to wear braces. I didnt understand anything at the time. I only knew that I would follow the doctors request once a month. I was not very good at wearing a braces in middle school. I even felt a little inferior. I felt very ugly, so I didn't leave a photo of my teeth. After a year, I finally managed to take the braces and did not wear the retainers. After I went to college, I had a wisdom tooth. The result was conceivable--rebound, and the lower teeth were even more chaotic.

As the teeth deformed more and more, I slowly got the idea of a second orthodontic, but it was difficult to make up my mind. First of all, I am no longer the middle school student in the 10s of that year. I am worried that my age is too big. Secondly, I have already taken up my job. A steel tooth may affect the image. Also, is the neatness of the teeth? important? I am also thinking. Others may not pay attention, maybe they just care too much about themselves.

However, I still made up my mind to wear the braces again and spent 412 days of corrections. Because I later learned that orthodontics not only makes the teeth tidy, but more importantly, it can establish a stable occlusion relationship. Neat teeth are easier to clean and keep it healthy. As for how I made up my mind, I will describe it in detail later. I believe that many people want to do orthodontics, but also have the conditions to do orthodontics (money and periodontal health), but they have been blocked by their own psychological barriers, did not pay substantial action, even go to the hospital to check if they are not willing .

Because orthodontics is a very professional subject, I am not a professional. It is impossible to describe them in this article. Some basic knowledge can be consulted. My article is mainly about introducing your own mental journey, as well as the products you have purchased and experienced. The physical maps will be presented and objectively reviewed to show what is “worthy to buy” for orthodox friends.

Of course, I still have to repeat that sentence: I am a non-professional person, just from the perspective of my living habits, from the perspective of consumers to talk about used products, there are related professional issues recommended to consult a dentist.

This article has the following main parts:

[1] Psychological struggle before orthodontics

[2] My orthodontic plan

[3] Dental care during orthodontics

[4] Care during wearing the holder

[5] Summary

Ok, my long story is about to begin~

Psychological struggle before orthodontics

Wearing braces is not something that everyone can accept. Although there is an invisible correction such as Headway, the price of traditional braces is relatively low, and it can solve some relatively complicated dentition problems.

I started to spend 412 days of steel teeth at the age of 26, wearing braces to teach, wearing braces to travel; wearing braces to take wedding photos and weddings, wearing a braces to honeymoon. In retrospect, this time is a very special memory. Because compared to the first time, I was completely unwilling to show my teeth, and my mentality has been adjusted.

The most important psychological change was when I first traveled to Thailand to travel with backpacks. I saw many braces in Thailand, and almost everyone did not deliberately cover them. Moreover, they also like to decorate the brackets with colorful rubber bands as decoration. When they talk and laugh, they will deliberately expose the braces, which makes people feel that it is a kind of beauty. The insights in Thailand have had a great psychological impact on me. I also started to think, is the braces really so bad? Or is it just your own psychological impact?

So after I decided to do orthodontics, I knew that the ceramic bracket was more invisible and more beautiful than the metal bracket, but I still chose the metal bracket without hesitation. Because I don't think that the so-called steel teeth are not good, in fact, as long as the mind is flat, it is just a commemoration in life experience. I told myself to say goodbye to the past that I didn't leave a photo of a braces. I have to take a lot of photos and enjoy the second orthodontic process.


Compared with the metal bracket and the ceramic bracket, it can be seen that the ceramic bracket is relatively invisible and more beautiful.


▲ There are also compromises, mixed like this


▲ There are still many young people who like to make this

And I am just an ordinary metal self-locking braces

By the way, there may be a man who thinks that almost all of his sisters wear braces in their daily lives, and they are embarrassed to wear them as boys. But do you know that the handsome guys like Tom Cruise, Lan Zhenglong and Hu Ge have worn braces? Of course, if you want to keep a low profile, you can choose ceramic brackets like them.


▲Three handsome guys, saying that Tom Cruise started wearing braces when he was 40 years old.

Speaking of this, first answer some questions that may arise.

[The relationship between orthodontics and age]

It is often asked "I am xx years old, can I still do it?" It is now common in medicine that orthodontics is not related to age and is related to periodontal health. In other words, if the periodontal is not healthy, you can't do it anymore. In the end, if you can do it, you should ask the orthodontic doctor to check the diagnosis face to face and then draw conclusions.

[About the braces face]

Some people worry that orthodontics will appear "bague face" is very unsightly, because I am born to be ugly high bones, I would not be more ugly if I want to do it, I have not tangled this.

[Where to do it]

It is recommended to choose a professional dental hospital orthodontics or a dental department in the top three hospitals to find a doctor with orthodontics. I have not been to a private clinic. It is not convenient to give advice here. I chose the dental department of a public top three hospital in Guangzhou. Before I went to this hospital, I went to the Guangdong Provincial Stomatological Hospital and checked it out. There were many people who directly scared me away. The queued queues were so long and long... I thought about going to the queue in a year or two, I just gave up. Save the mouth.

[about fees]

Fees vary from hospital to hospital, depending on the complexity of the dental problem and the length of the treatment. At that time, the price I got in the provincial mouth was about 3w. Of course, if the condition of the teeth is complicated, the price will be higher. The dental department of the public top three hospitals will be a little cheaper. I will finish all the costs together and get close to 2w. In terms of expenses, it is actually communicated with doctors (not bargaining). Although orthodontics belongs to dental beauty projects, medical insurance cannot be taken, but some inspection costs may be part of the medical insurance burden, so that they can be cheaper.

[Only the upper/lower rows of teeth are not neat, can you do half a mouth?]

No, you have to do it up and down to adjust to a good bite relationship. In fact, the function is more important than the beauty.

My orthodontic plan

If you decide to start orthodontics, the doctor will give you a plan to tell you about the time and cost. Everyone's teeth are different, the plan is different, and different doctors will give different plans. This depends on their own judgment and choice. After I took the tooth print, I asked a chief physician and an attending physician to see each other. The given plan is the same: the case is simpler and does not require tooth extraction, but it is necessary to remove two wisdom teeth. Even if I don't do orthodontics, wisdom teeth are also recommended to be unplugged. Because from the teeth, I only have two wisdom teeth on the lower teeth, and there are no teeth corresponding to them, so I have to pull them out. There is not much to say about the process of pulling wisdom teeth. There is a very positive position. I don’t feel anything. I just pulled it off. There is another one lying on the side. In order to get rid of this wisdom tooth, the doctor knocked me out of my mind and tears. It took a long time to get it. However, the pain is actually within the tolerable range. It is really cool after the pull out!

After pulling out the wisdom teeth, it is the upper bracket, and then the rubber reinforcement. Because I chose a metal self-locking braces, I can go back about once in a month and a half. After each visit, I will make an appointment with the doctor for the next visit. I didn't have a tooth extraction, but some of my teeth were cut, so it wasn't perfect after I finished it, but it was much better than before.


my teeth change

Dental care during orthodontics

Orthodontics started, and because the teeth were blocked by a large part of the bracket, care during this period was very important. Relative to those who don't wear braces, this job is a lot more complicated, but as long as you stick to it, you will get used to it. The specific nursing requirements are as follows:

Clean your teeth and braces at least 3 times a day (preferably after meals). Clean your teeth at least once a day, and always clean your teeth before going to bed.

With fluoride toothpaste, fluoride prevents tooth decay. Use fluoride-containing mouthwash or sulphur supplements as directed by the dentist to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Carry your toothbrush and floss with you so you can clean your teeth at any time, even if you are not at home. Regular dental checkups.

Avoid frequent consumption of high-sugar snacks, especially sticky foods that can damage the appliance, to reduce the risk of tooth decay.

The fixed or movable orthosis must be cleaned every time you brush your teeth. The fixed or movable orthosis must be cleaned every time you brush your teeth.

During the orthodontic brushing method, please ask your mother to check the video for learning. Anyway, the teeth in the upper and lower brackets should be brushed up... Here is a picture:


Then introduce some related tools:


Ordinary toothbrushes can be used during orthodontics, or special toothbrushes designed for orthodontic features can be used. Can you use an electric toothbrush? I also consulted my dentist at the time. Her answer was that the outside of the bracket should not be used to prevent the bracket from falling and the inside can be used. Therefore, I used a manual toothbrush during the whole orthodontic period. I really used the electric toothbrush after wearing the retainer.

The special toothbrushes are more common:

[V-corrected toothbrush]



▲The head of the brush can be seen as different from the ordinary toothbrush.


brushing method using V-type orthodontic toothbrush

This V-shaped corrective toothbrush features an overall cleaning of the brackets and teeth. The toothbrush is placed across the teeth and moved back and forth. This type of toothbrush appears to be convenient, but because it is a holistic cleansing, it is not easy to clean at the corners of some teeth, and after about half a month, the bristles of the toothbrush begin to show signs of bifurcation. Although the description says that the toothbrush is soft hair, the actual experience is that the bristles are still relatively hard, and the feeling of brushing is not very good. So after I used two V-shaped toothbrushes, I didn't use them anymore.

[Orthodontic special care toothbrush]

This type of toothbrush is mainly designed according to different stages of orthodontics, and different types of small head toothbrushes are designed. I purchased the professional orthodontic series of Lion King DENT. EX.

This set of toothbrushes is very recommended by me. I used to throw it away when I used it, so there is no physical map. It can be seen from the introduction that the lion's orthodontic toothbrush is classified very carefully, and different types of brush heads have been designed from the initial stage to the third month to the later stage.

The first green color is called the ridge brush head, which is actually the opposite of the U type, which makes it easy to clean the various positions of the mouth.

The second purple is also a ridge brush, but it is smaller than the first one and can be cleaned more carefully;

The third one is a U-shaped brush head, which is very similar to the previous GUM, and the overall size is slightly smaller;

The fourth is a T-shaped brush head, similar to a normal toothbrush, for later cleaning.

These four of my favorite first type of bristles are soft and hard, and they can be brushed very carefully, so I used several.

There are children's toothbrushes The head of a child's toothbrush is small, but the bristles are very soft. I feel that the cleaning is not enough, it is not as good as a professional orthodontic toothbrush.

Interdental brush / interdental brush

In the last article, a lot of children's shoes asked me why I didn't introduce the artifact of the interdental brush? I will introduce this article, this thing is really good for orthodox people! However, I prefer to call it an interdental brush, because I have never put it in the teeth, mainly to clean the gap between the bracket and the teeth, to clean the teeth or floss.


There are three types of interdental brushes: O, I and L. The most common ones are type I and type L. As for which type I and L type are better, this depends on the individual. Some people think that type I is more flexible, because they can also form L type by themselves... I think type I is suitable for cleaning the outer teeth, and type L is more suitable for cleaning inside. tooth.


▲How to clean the interdental brush

The interdental brush is best carried around every day. The little partner wearing the braces must have experienced the horrible teeth after eating... so the toothbrush + interdental brush can help us clean the teeth after the meal.

Flossing guide

Finally I said my favorite floss! Everyone has to develop the habit of flossing, and the period of orthodontics is no exception. But it is impossible to clean the teeth with the brackets and then flossing. At this time, there are other tools that can help us. The first thing we can do is to use the flossing guide.

Correction floss stick

This is what I saw on someone else's blog. It should be a Taiwanese product. I have not purchased it myself. If you can buy it, I think it's quite useful to have some carry-on and occasional targeted cleaning of a few teeth. Ordinary floss should be used for general cleaning.

Red teeth / water floss

There are too many sun-drinking orders in the water flossing line. I don’t say much here, and I don’t take photos alone. It is good to buy a regular flush during orthodontics. It is best to choose the one with orthodontic punch. I bought Jiebi. However, my current view is still: if you don't wear braces, you must use traditional dental floss, which cannot replace traditional floss.

Out of the teeth

It is very important to clean your teeth in time during orthodontic treatment. It is good to eat at home, but what should I do when I go out to eat? It’s very important to carry a small out-cleaning tooth pack with you at this time.

Care during the holder

After a long period of correction, when the dentist said that he could take the braces and look at the neat teeth, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. However, this matter is really not finished, not only is not finished, it can be said that only halfway. Whether the teeth can continue to maintain this state, do not have the tragedy of my first orthodontics, the key is whether you can wear the holder afterwards.

The requirements for wearing the retainer are generally worn 24 hours a year, and then worn at night. As for when to wear it, if it is adult orthodontic, it is recommended to keep it for life... The children's shoes that have worn the holder know that after wearing this thing for a night, it is always a little taste. After wearing it for a few more days, it will be a little white, so be sure to clean it thoroughly.

It is not recommended to use denture cleaning products or soak in mouthwash to clean the appliance. What cleans? Clean the product with a special holder.

Other auxiliary tools

Remover tool

This is what I saw on the US website, called Retainer Retriever. At first I didn't know what it was. Later, I saw that the demonstration was a gadget that was off the holder.


Although I have undergone two orthodontics, my teeth are still not perfect. What is important is that during the orthodontic process, I continue to learn the knowledge of tooth care, slowly fall in love with oral care, and constantly remind people around me to care for and care for their teeth. A neat tooth is not only beautiful, but also easy to clean. In fact, in the late period of orthodontics, what I care most about is not neat, and the function of the teeth and the stability of the bite are the most important. Finally, a few points to note:

1, do not believe in the so-called "fast correction" method of porcelain teeth, beauty crowns, etc., to retain your own good teeth is the most important;

2. If you are hesitant to do orthodontics, go to the orthodontic department of the regular stomatological department or the orthodontic professional doctor of the dental department of the public top three hospital. The doctor's face diagnosis shall prevail. If you have the conditions to do it, do it as soon as possible. Benefit early

3, the function is the first place, the beauty is the second place, the stable occlusion relationship is very important;

4, wearing braces is not as ugly as you think, many times it is actually your own care, others will not pay attention to that;

5, the care of the teeth during orthodontic period is very important, otherwise the teeth are neat, but because of the lack of attention to oral care, the teeth are subject to other damage, it will not be worth the loss;

6, after removing the bracket, must be sure to wear the retainer, especially in the first half of the year must be worn in addition to eating 24 hours, otherwise it is very easy to rebound, orthodontics is best to maintain life after adulthood.

7, after the completion of orthodontics should also adhere to daily care: brush at least twice a day (Pap brushing method), mouthwash after meals, use traditional floss before going to bed (water floss and floss sticks can not completely replace traditional floss) Wash your teeth once a year, and return to the hospital for regular visits.

Ok, this article will end here. I hope everyone's teeth are beautiful.