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Niti Reverse Curve Archwire
Oct 12, 2018

Shape memory alloy is a kind of shape memory alloy which can automatically restore its plastic deformation to original shape at a certain orthodontic archwire temperature. Its expansion rate is above 20%, its fatigue life is up to 1*10 to the seventh power, its damping property is 10 times higher than the ordinary spring, its corrosion resistance is better than the best medical stainless steel at present, so it can meet all kinds of engineering and medical application needs, is a very excellent functional material.


In addition to its unique shape memory function, the memory alloy also has excellent characteristics such as anti-wear, anti-corrosion, high damping and hyperelasticity.


The orthodontic strength of stainless steel wire and CoCr alloy tooth wire is not affected by the internal temperature of the mouth. The orthodontic force of hyperelastic nickel-titanium alloy teeth changes with the change of oral temperature. When the deformation is constant. As the temperature rises, the corrective force increases. On the one hand, it can accelerate the movement of teeth, because the temperature change in the mouth will stimulate the blood flow in the stagnant part of the blood flow caused by capillary stagnation caused by the orthodontic device, thus enabling the repair cells to be fully nourished during tooth movement, maintaining their vitality and normal function. Orthodontists, on the other hand, are unable to precisely control or measure the amount of corrective action in the oral environment.


The so-called superelasticity refers to the phenomenon that the strain of the sample under the action of external forces is much larger than that of the elastic limit strain, and the strain can be recovered automatically at unloading. In other words, under the mother phase state, stress induced martensite transformation occurs due to the effect of external stress, so that the alloy exhibits mechanical behaviors different from ordinary materials, its elastic limit is far greater than that of ordinary materials, and it no longer abides by hooke's law. In contrast to shape memory properties, hyperelasticity has no thermal involvement. In summary, superelasticity refers to the fact that the stress does not increase with the increase of strain within a certain range of deformation. In the former stress - strain curve, the relation between stress and strain is almost linear. Non-linear hyperelasticity refers to the result of stress-induced martensite transformation and its inverse transformation during loading and unloading in a certain temperature range above Af. Therefore, non-linear hyperelasticity is also called pseudo-elasticity of phase transition. The pseudo elasticity of nickel-titanium alloy can reach about 8%. The hyperelasticity of Nitinol alloy can change with the change of heat treatment conditions. When the bow wire is heated above 400 dc, the hyperelasticity begins to decrease.


Arch Wire Expansion


The metallic wire might be periodically adjusted by the orthodontist to make sure the teeth remain in the desired position. An arch wire is subsequently installed in the brackets with the assistance of elastic to secure them. It plays a significant role since it keeps everything else in proper place.


In some instances, it will become indispensable to get rid of a tooth in order to attain enough room to put the braces. When it has to do with teeth straightening, you merely can't deny the part of braces in spite of many discomforts connected with the practice.


The brackets are connected to the tooth with the aid of a band or a bonding. Things to look for while picking the bracket in regards to selecting bracket for your treatment, you should think about the chosen bracket material should be, Go through different varieties of brackets If you're not knowledgeable about the orthodontics, then it will confuse you to take the best decision. Ceramic brackets Since metal brace is the most typical brackets treatment, the ceramic bracket is a superb alternative for teens and grownups who want to minimize their appearance utilizing the braces. A retainer is going to be utilised to keep the improved place of the teeth. There are a number of retainers readily available, each one geared towards treating a different sort of dental issue.

Incognito braces are the sole device on the market which are entirely customized to fit the contours of each person's teeth. Metal braces continue to be popular also. The metal brace is attached to every tooth with the aid of orthodontic glue.


Curve of Spee in Orthodontics and Its Importance

Superb orthodontics is being performed throughout the world utilizing many unique practices. Lingual orthodontics were shown to be somewhat challenging. The orthodontist should keep in mind that using forces applied away from the middle of resistance is going to result in tipping and rotation.


In summary, there's no such thing as the very best method of space closure. INTRODUCTION Space closure is among the most difficult processes in Orthodontics. If needed, elastics can be worn during this phase.


Some brackets have a massive base designed to supply far better bonding, and a few have a very low profile designed not to interfere with the occlusion. Some SL brackets don't have tie wings to ease the placement of an overlay archwire.

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