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Lingual Niti Archwire Price
Sep 10, 2018

In orthodontics treatment at present, the problems, in addition to the quality of the medical staff is not up to standard, such as some staff oral theory of knowledge is not solid, technical level is not high, sometimes by the feeling in the treatment of operation, inaccurate and other subjective reasons, more important is to choose when orthodontic correction material will seriously affect the orthodontic effect. In the actual treatment, we found that although the position of the band ring and the position of the bracket are important in the orthodontic treatment, the operation of these positions is less technical, easy to carry out, and the stability effect is better. In orthodontic treatment, the arch wire necessary for orthodontic teeth is a key factor affecting the treatment effect, because the variability and uncertainty of orthodontic archwire is very large, and if the type of bow wire is not reasonable, the previous orthodontic work will become useless. In view of this, we should pay attention to the selection of materials and make and use the bow wire in the orthodontic work, which is the fundamental way to improve the orthodontic effect.

The diameter of the archwire should be taken into consideration when making the bow wire, because the diameter will affect the orthodontic strength and deformation of the tooth. The size of the diameter shall be determined according to the distance between the teeth. But generally speaking, we should follow the principle from small to big.


At the same time, the size of the bow wire should be taken into account, and the shape of the dental arch should be carefully observed, and the tooth characteristics of the orthodontic site should be focused on to determine the size of the bow. The orthodontic treatment of patients generally includes two requirements: alignment without extension and both alignment and extension.

In the orthodontic work of oral cavity, although the use of square wire for correction is generally adopted, if used improperly, it will bring very bad consequences to patients. Therefore, according to the needs of practical work, the author thinks that the following principles should be followed in the use of square wire to improve the effect of orthodontics.

Due to its own nature, square wire cannot be used at the very beginning in the process of correction. After the patient's teeth have reached the basic level and alignment, square wire can be used for shaping and correcting the dental arch.


In the specific correction process, the adjustment of the diameter of the bow wire should follow the order from small to large.


The correction technique in the adjustment stage requires the shape and strength of the bow wire to be moderate and easy to operate.


In order to accelerate the rate of orthodontic treatment, shorten the retention time, improve the efficiency of treatment, must pay attention to the accurate production and rational use of orthodontic arch wire, focus on the accuracy of the arch wire, the continuity and stability, the quantification of the arch wire size, shape, using mathematical set to the curvature of the arch wire, teeth, teeth attachment to the middle point distance. The size of the bow wire in and out, forward and backward. Recorded, as the reference of visit to replace arch wire, overcome the arbitrariness of arch wire production, the development of the biggest effect, the arch wire in daily orthodontic treatment work must adhere to the rational use of the arch wire, reduce damage, improve efficiency, it is the basic principle of orthodontic treatment, of course also cannot ignore other aspects of orthodontic treatment, correct diagnosis, scientific and reasonable treatment plan, accurate judgment is the premise of the treatment.


In the process of making bow wire, although there are auxiliary tools to help improve the accuracy of the bow wire, most of the bow wire still relies on artificial production, the accuracy is questioned, and the artificial bow wire is difficult to maintain in shape. Therefore, while the current orthodontic work is constantly improving the medical technology, it should also pay attention to the accuracy of the bow wire and the mechanization and standardization of its production.