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China Lingual Niti Archwire Suppliers
Sep 08, 2018

The orthodontic archwire mainly includes oss, imitation oss and stainless steel square wire. Medical staff should make bow wire suitable for different orthodontic stages according to the orthodontic needs of patients. The dental arrangement of patients' teeth should be referred to when making bow wire, and the adjustment of bow wire should be made accordingly.


Its high resiliency demands appreciable over-bending to attain the desired form. The superb flexibility reduces the odds of debonding brackets. Its tensile strength permits clasps to be readily shaped without breakage.

Different kinds of wire are used in different order during the correction. For the arch wire with good correction effect and high arch stability, it can only be used when the tooth shape is basically neat and the teeth are basically stable. It is also required that the shape of the dental arch should be completely consistent with the shape of the dental column at this time, and the shape of the arch wire should be adjusted and perfected according to the situation to improve the correction effect.


Keep the stability of the shape and the continuity of the size of the bow wire; High strength bow wire has good performance in shape stability. As long as it is made, it can be heated and shaped according to the needs. However, for a less stable bow wire like nickel-titanium wire, the effect of heating and setting is not obvious, which requires that the service time of the bow wire should be shortened as much as possible during the correction process, and the high-strength bow wire should be used as early as possible.

At the same time, when making dental arch wire of patients, some parts are simply made according to the basic arch shape, so that the patient's own dental column shape will be ignored, so that various conditions of patients when using dental arch during the actual treatment process will affect the correction effect. And affect periodontal health. These situations suggest that we should record the specific data of the patient's dental column in detail, and record the relevant data of the dental arch for the purpose of testing the effect of correction. When the patient reviews, the arch wire should be corrected timely to ensure the continuity of orthodontic work.


At present, the materials used in making orthodontic arch wire in the medical industry mainly include:


1. This kind of material is made of international advanced Nitinol alloy, with strong stability and durable correction force, making it an ideal bow wire at the initial stage of correction.


2. Aussie is a kind of material with strong hardness. Compared with nickel-titanium wire, it has greater correction strength and superior performance.

3. Although the performance of domestic imitation auth is worse than that of auth, it is cheaper in price and better in cost performance. It can stabilize the shape of dental arch and maintain the shape after correction.


4. Currently, this material is commonly used in the orthodontic treatment of fang si, but there is no public opinion on when to use this material in the treatment process. 2. Selection of bow wire diameter and bow size for different materials.