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China Lingual Niti Archwire Manufacturers
Sep 07, 2018

The anchorage of the orthodontic bracket is applied to the surface of the teeth through a special adhesive, and then the arch wire is fixed on the teeth and applied certain strength to achieve the purpose of orthodontic treatment. So the brackets themselves need to conform to features that are both easy to paste and easy to remove. At the same time, the arrowhead has the property of producing proper strength and bearing certain chewing strength. Since it is a device to be removed in the future, it is impossible to be so close to the teeth that we can eat without care, and the finer arrowheads cannot withstand excessive bite force.

The orthodontic archwire can be found in various gauge sizes that vary from 15 to 23. The BioStarter wire might be applied as the very first wire in any course of treatment due to its thermo-active characteristics. Beta-titanium archwires provide formability and a selection of activation that are perfect for the intermediate phases of treatment. Stainless steel archwires are used for decades because of their high strength. Traditional stainless steel archwires have an inclination to lose tension with time. It can be easily formed, welded, or soldered to be used in most clinical applications. These alloys were used to earn a dental prosthesis.


Traditional metal braces correction is inseparable from the arch wire and braces, although braces can be replaced with ceramic material, let the braces hidden, but because can't replace the arch wire, so the ceramic braces orthodontic correction is only half a stealth, have a few friends wonder, why is it unable to replace the arch wire and hidden, play what role in correct?

Traditional metal correction, also known as the fixed correction by arch wire, ring, braces and attachments, and the role of the orthodontic bracket is used for fixed arch wire, arch wire is stuck in a braces grooves or by ring a thin metal wire, all the each tooth link, and then play a guiding role, the teeth moved to the location specified, simple arch wire is applying device, and he is unable to replace.

What is the principle of tooth movement?


When the braces and arch wire when applying pressure to the teeth, the tooth stress will be passed on to the alveolar bone at the same time, this time is the stress of the alveolar bone can be absorbed slowly, the position is empty, the teeth will follow the forward the direction of the arch wire, after a tooth mobile teeth will move to other place, by the vacant position of alveolar bone, he will slowly recovering, don't need to worry about proper teeth these slots not fill in, also don't have to worry about such problems as loose teeth.


If you think that the porcelain semi-invisible correction still has a great influence on the appearance of the image, and hope that the correction can be carried out when no one else finds out, you can choose the digital invisible correction of delun's oral cavity, and experience the popular fashion correction method now, without the need of brackets, arch wire and other orthodontic accessories, you can easily have a good tooth.


This is the traditional braces correction, the principle is very simple, is the teeth in the metal wire under the action of the normal position. The procedure is to stick a socket on the surface of the tooth, and then fix the arch wire on the socket. The doctor applies force on the orthodontic archwire to move the tooth so that the teeth can be rearranged. Most people will feel uncomfortable when they first wear braces, but this is normal, and the discomfort will disappear within three to five days. After orthodontic treatment, we should pay attention to oral and dental hygiene, and try to avoid hard and sticky food.


The price of traditional correction is close to the public, which is applicable to a wide range. But after wearing affects the appearance, also is not very comfortable.


In addition, there is a self-locking bracket rectification, the advantage is that the friction resistance between steel wire and bracket can be greatly reduced.


As it adds a door to the bracket, the orthodontic arch wire can be directly locked in the groove of the bracket, free of the binding of the ligation wire or rubber band to the orthodontic arch wire. The friction resistance between the arch wire and the bracket will be greatly reduced, the tooth will be subjected to less force, the tooth will move faster, and the treatment time will be effectively shortened.


To extend the time interval of the return visit, the traditional bracket usually needs to be adjusted once to the hospital within 2 to 4 weeks. The interval of return visit using the self-locking bracket can be extended to 8 ~ 10 weeks, that is to say, it can be adjusted once every two months to the hospital.