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China Lingual Niti Archwire
Sep 04, 2018

The braces, also known as fixed orthoses, are made up of arrowheads, bands, brackets, and attachments.


Correction is the most important is the bracket and the orthodontic archwire! The main function of the bracket is to fix the arch wire, so that the arch wire can play a better role and transfer the orthodontic force, so as to control the 3d movement of teeth and achieve the purpose of orthodontic treatment.


And the arrowhead, the archwire that's stuck in the grooves or through the archwires that go around the tubes, is simply the archwire that connects your crooked teeth and directs them to move.

Therefore, the bow wire is a force device, and the bracket is a force transfer device. The force of the bow wire is transmitted to the teeth through the bracket, and the teeth are moved by the force of the bow wire! They are indispensable.


What's the principle of orthodontics?


Teeth can move through the mouth mainly because of the alveolar bone reconstruction. The reconstruction of alveolar bone is similar to "robbing Peter to pay Paul".


As the tooth moves forward and the constant pressure on the alveolar bone, the stressed portion of the alveolar bone is gradually absorbed, opening up space for the tooth to move. The ligaments wrapped around the back of the tooth will be pulled, suggesting that it needs to repair the gap caused by tooth movement. With such a suction and filling, the tooth can move steadily through the alveolar bone.


In the orthodontic process, how does this "steel wire" work?


1. At the beginning of correction, the orthodontist will bend them into different shapes according to the actual situation of your mouth. At this time, the shape of the bow wire has been fixed. However, when the bow wire is stuck into the bracket on the teeth, due to the bizarre shape of the teeth, the bow wire has to change its shape temporarily.


2. At this time, the struggle between the teeth and the bow wire begins. The teeth force the arrowhead to change its shape, and the arrowhead, not to be outdone, wants to return to its original shape. The pressure applied by the bow wire is like a locomotive following a trajectory to guide the tooth.


3.During this process, the tooth exerts force on the arch wire, which in turn exerts force on the tooth. With the reconstruction of the alveolar bone, the tooth moves under the force of the bow wire.


4. The bow wire generates appropriate force to move the teeth. The appropriate degree is the reconstruction of the tension side alveolar bone, which can be followed by the absorption of the pressure side alveolar bone generated by the tooth movement.

reverse-curve-archwire-for-round20028421753 (1).jpg

5. Continuous application of force leads to bone absorption in the direction of tooth movement. As teeth drift, the ligaments wrapped around them begin to pull.


6. The stretched ligaments suggest the body to fill the gap formed after tooth drift, and new bone deposition is formed over time to maintain the position of the tooth after tooth migration.