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Bondable Lingual Button
Oct 09, 2018

Pressure is used with a number of orthodontic hardware (appliances), the most usual being a brace or bracket connected to the teeth and connected by means of an orthodontic archwire. Inside this appliance continuous arch wires are used which offer complete charge of the anterior dentition and maintain a fantastic arch form. Short-term anchorage devices might not be recommended for everybody, and in reality, anchorage devices at all may not be needed in all instances. This appliance is normally utilized in instances of premature loss of baby tooth or whenever the reduced teeth of an increasing child are slightly crowded and no permanent teeth are extracted to fix the issue.

A retainer is going to be utilized to keep the improved place of the teeth. Much is based on the form of retainer that's suggested. Retainers are worn for varying quantities of time, based on the form of orthodontic therapy and the age of the individual. They are generally made from transparent plastic and thin wires to optimize the comfort of the patient. There are an assortment of retainers readily available, each one geared towards treating a different sort of dental issue. Fixed retainers is somewhat like a lingual brace as it is affixed to the tongue side of a couple teeth. For Fixed RetainersIf you're wearing a fixed retainer, the one thing that you have to take care of is ensuring that you floss between the wire that is attached to your teeth so they remain protected from teeth cavities and gum infections.


lingual button function

Lingual button function material shall conform to the 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel specified in GB/ t4240-93. The vickers hardness of the surface should be 250 Hv -330Hv, and the surface roughness Ra is less than 0.025um. Tongue side buckle should be no irritation of oral mucosa. Cytotoxicity of lingual button should not greater than Ⅰ level. Tongue side buckle should be no late type hypersensitive response. There should be no relapse of salmonella typhi. Under normal conditions, the surface of tongue side buckle should not be discolored or corroded.

The main function of the tongue side buckle for orthodontics is to fix the tooth torsion and tilt of the tongue side.

Clear Orthodontic Buttons

The preparation of the lateral lingual orthodontic system is the design of the bracket after tooth extraction by using CAD/CAM technology model, through laser 3d scanning, and then 3d modeling on the computer. The shape of the bottom plate of the bracket is completely consistent with the tongue side of each tooth. Finally, the accurate shaping of the bow wire by the manipulator overcomes the limitation of traditional tongue orthosis.

Visual results


Before the production, the orthodontic doctor decides the orthodontic plan and removes the gypsum model, which is the effect after knowing the molding beforehand!

Accurate size

The orthodontic bracket is manufactured by the most advanced DLP digital projection technology in Germany, and the bow wire is manufactured by the original imported arch wire, which makes perfect match between the bow wire and the channel.

An unmarked appearance

The tongue orthodontic device is worn on the inside of the tooth. There is no supporting channel wire in the appearance, and no need to worry about the decalcification of the tooth surface!

Convenient installation

The tongue orthodontic appliance is installed with the mounting tray. The mounting tray is made of the pressure film, which is made by designing the supporting groove in advance in the computer, and then accurately mounting to the uncorrected model.


what are orthodontic buttons

What is the function of the orthodontic attachment?

1.Enhanced retention

Although invisible braces can be worn directly on the teeth to fit the teeth, they can be better fixed on the teeth with the use of attachments to make the braces more fit between the teeth.

Since both the teeth and the braces are relatively smooth, friction between the teeth can cause the braces to move, and the braces can be more stable by binding the attachments.


2.Strengthen the application of force on teeth

Since the teeth are completely wrapped in the braces, the attachment can better control the direction of tooth movement and make the braces more precise.

And attachment type also has a lot of different types, its effect is also different, such as rectangular attachments can control molar mobile, rotating attachment to control the fangs, the movement of the premolar, fixed attachment to teeth, premolar and molar of auxiliary function, lower jaw pad accessories for grinding fang an auxiliary help open bite.